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David Evanier, CLS 56

recently published 


 It was selected by Janet Maslin of the New York Times
as one of the Top Ten books of 2004.

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Mr. A. A. Medved, former Cherry Lawn Director,  announces publication of a new book

J of K, Judah of Kerioth    By Alphonse Anthony Medved

About the Book

J of K (Judah of Kerioth) is a conscientiously researched, literary novel driven by one man's almost lifelong obsession to shed light on, and obtain justice for, another man's conviction and condemnation in one of the worst miscarriages of human rights justice in the record annals of humankind.

About the Author

Alphonse Anthony Medved, born in Austria (today Slovenia ) is proud to agree with the statement that "Slovenes, like their landscapes, are incorrigibly individualistic." After coming to understand a story that haunted him, he wrote "J of K, Judah of Kerioth."  You can order the book through Ingram's Books in Print Database, directly from the publisher at, or through the book order hotline at (888)280-7715.  Price: $15.50 for quality trade paperback;  $14 for hardcover

A Letter and Watercolor from Mr. Zuber

Mr. Ludwig C. Zuber has written a letter to the Cherry Lawn Community, which brings us up to date on some of his activities following his Cherry Lawn years. He also offers a couple of amusing and revealing anecdotes about Dr. Staël.

An Open Letter from Nick Grimes

Dr. Nichols Grimes taught Biology from 1966-69 and 70-71, was Chairman of the Science Department from 1967-69 and 70-71, and was Dean of Students from 1970-71. Nick wishes to share his impressions of the essense of the Cherry Lawn experience in the form of an open letter to the Cherry Lawn Community.

Greetings from Teacher John E. Corthorn, Jr.

John E. Corthorn, Jr. worked as tutor and Assistant Men's Dorm Master at Manor House under Chris Beerits. Although his stay at Cherry Lawn was not a long one, his feelings for the school are strong and eloquently expressed in his letter to the Cherry Lawn Community.

Greetings from Teacher John Rozdilsky

John Rozdilsky, a tutor and math/astronomy instructor at Cherry Lawn in 1965-66, is now a curator at the Burke Museum of Natural History at the University of Washington in Seattle. He offered this letter to the Cherry Lawn Community on the eve of Reunion'99, which he was unable to attend.

Greetings from Housemaster and Recreation Director Art Candell

Art Candell, Housemaster and Recreation Director at Cherry Lawn from 1957-59, is now retired in Florida after a career in journalism. He offered this letter to the Cherry Lawn Community.

A Letter from Cherry Lawn Neighbor, Melvin R. Orr

Cherry Lawn neighbor Melvin R. Orr shares his boyhood memories of the school.


Notes and Greetings from Alumni

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