A Note from Dianne Grossman

Dear Cherry Lawn Alumni,

Interesting thing, this Internet and the "Age of Information." When I first began exploring the Internet in 1992 (because I married a techie genius who put the computer world at my finger tips - name's Donald Meyer), the very first thing I did was explore east coast "chat channels" to see if anyone knew someone who attended Cherry Lawn School. I didn't find anyone at that time but I DID miraculously find an old boy friend from Holland via the Internet, so I figured finding "locals" shouldn't be THAT hard. It never occurred to me to try cherrylawnschool.org or anything so logical. Actually, this Web site may not have been around at that time but I'm very happy Laura Schoen found me here in Seattle, WA - not Portland, OR (That's okay GC, I love ya anyway!!!)

I've been in Seattle since 1975. Moved here after receiving an MA degree in Recreation Administration. I didn't realize there was such a degree to become a Master of Fun! Previous to those jovial days I received a very meaningful BA degree in Anthropology. I decided to major in Anthropology after having spent a year working on various archeological digs in Israel after I graduated from Cherrylawn and decided this was the path I wanted to follow. Unfortunately, science was/is not my forte and quickly realized this was NOT the road I was to take ... but decided to follow the cultural side of Anthropology anyway and leave Physical Anthropology to fond memories. Very interesting course of study but unfortunately no one was looking for Margaret Meade wannabes at that time. I was a recreation director at a variety of public and private organizations; swimming teacher; wilderness adventure leader (in another life time at this stage, however). I was in sales for many years selling all sorts of stuff - bagels, catering, insurance, etc. in between professional positions as a Rec. Therapist at Nursing Homes, Institutions for the Mentally Challenged, etc. etc.

More recently I returned to school (1995) and actually received academic credentials that meant something and has been translated into $$$$. I'm currently a certified Teacher K - 12 with endorsements not only in Anthropology but also Special Education. I have worked with special populations for many years in a recreation capacity and felt my talents would be much more beneficial in a public school setting. I'm in my second year of this new career and I love it!!! I'm currently teaching remedial reading and writing in a junior high school in a suburb of Seattle. Sure, I'll never get rich being a teacher but at this stage in my life I have no expensive bad habits and have skills I can utilize, and I can always find employment anywhere I go if I would ever want to move. Seattle is hard to beat! I've also married someone who is equally as "valuable" (well, it's not really an equality issue - his techie skills are worth a lot more than my "people skills" but who's counting??? ... Ha) and we're doing just fine!

No kids but we have two canines who are the apples of our eyes: Beatrice,(!) the 1 1/2 year old Boston terrier and Snoopster, the 2 year-old beagle. I truly hope anyone reading this and wishes to contact me, visit the great northwest, etc. - please don't hesitate!

I have three email addresses at this point but the one I'd prefer folks use is ... dianneg@home.com ... My husband and I are planning on attending the reunion and look forward to meeting old friends and acquaintances. In February, 1999 I went to Willits, CA and spent a few days with Jane Selover and Stella, her sister after not seeing them since 1969! It was like no time had passed at all! I've seen Judy Handleman Murphy on several occasions and she is healthy and happy as well. I look forward to hearing from folks.

Take care,

Dianne (Beatrice)

Submitted 22-April-1999