Greeting from Housemaster Art Candell

Dear Cherry Lawn Alumni and Friends,

I recall my days in the late 1950s as a housemaster and recreation director at Cherry Lawn School when we lived over the kitchen and dining hall in Stein House. I'm still around and kicking at 81; perfect health, retired in Florida after a career as foreign correspondent (Caribbean).

I've been blessed with an interesting career. Started out in education, ended up as director of a few overseas schools; Esquela Sampadrana in Honduras, Union School in Haiti; both U.S. supported schools for overseas embassy personnel and local's kids. Moonlighted on side as news stringer and ended up as full-fledged foreign correspondent, (Newsweek, Voice of America, The Associated Press...) bylined world-wide and much more fun and excitement than as a schoolmarm!

Prior to my career in education and journalism, I flew B-17;s, B-29-s and B-24's in WWII and ended up in the top-secret 509th Composite Group, (Col. Tibbet's B-29 group) that bombed Hiroshima. While Tibbets was on the bomb run, I flew one of three decoy B-29's.

I now residing in Silver Springs, FL with three beautiful acres in Ocala National Forest, my own Walden-style pond, a resident friendly alligator and loads of fish. I Rebuilt a 1979-924 Porsche to a showroom classic and have won several trophies in shows locally. Also I've active in ham radio (N4PCK). Presently, I'm doing investigative reporting, latest story in June issue of IN THESE TIMES.

Best regards,

Art Candell

Submitted 28-July-2002