A Note from Suzanne K. Rogers Washburn, '73

I have been married for 31 years to Lonie Washburn. I went to California (Santa Cruz) after my junior year at Cherry Lawn. I went to San Lorenzo Valley High School in Felton, CA and graduated in 1973 from Abraham Lincoln High School in San Jose, CA. For over 20 years my husband and I ran a plumbing company. We lived in Canoga Park, CA from 1974 until 2007. We just sold the house and we now live in Dana Point, CA at our condo that we bought in 1995 as a vacation home. My husband is general manager of a construction company and I am the office manager. So we are still working together. I am 51 years old. My mother died on August 1, 2007 of lung cancer. My sister lives in Denver, she has 2 kids, my goddaughter Jaime and nephew Danny. My brother, John, lives on Whidbey Island in Washington State. He has a daughter, Leah and lost a son in a car wreck a few years back. I have a 13 year old cat named Sailor. I was 1 mile from earthquake central (Northridge, CA) in January 1994. I love NASCAR and, indeed, in the 80's Lonie and I sponsored Ron Hornaday, Jr. who is a past NASCAR Truck champion and races in Busch, as well. We have never had children. That was a conscious decision. I still weigh just about what I did at Cherry Lawn. I have some gray hairs, and some facial "lines", but other than that I look pretty good for an old broad. I have had a wondrous, joyous life for the last 35 years. There were some bumps along the way, but I'm happy now. Mike, please send me a picture. I need a face to go along with the name. Please forgive me for my 50+ year old memory or lack thereof. Mr. Zuber!!! What a great man. I would be interested in seeing his paintings, as I am a collector. I learned about Greek mythology from this great teacher and when I visited Greece in the 80's it was so cool to know what I was looking at. I could go on, but please write back and tell me how to access the Cherry Lawn site. I am hopelessly inept with computers.

Fond Regards,

Suzanne Katherine Rogers Washburn



Submitted 16-August-2007