A Note from Barbara Kraft

Dear Cherry Lawners,

Many thanks for your thoughtful invitation to attend the Cherry Lawn reunion. Regrettably, I have a previous commitment and will not be able to attend.

My class of 1945, of course, did not know Don Emerson but many of us have stayed in touch with Bas -- so, if he is at the affair, would you be kind enough to drink a toast (or make sure other public acknowledgment) to his from his first class, the class of 1945. And please, if you will, make it a joint toast to both Bas and Nancy.

By chance last summer, I was sort of in the old neighborhood and drove past the old CLS site on Brookside Road -- not even the lake is left -- but their is a sign on a wee part of the land saying "Cherry Lawn Park." We should have an oral history of the place, I guess.

Again, I'm glad you found us and am sorry I can't join you. Let us know if you ever come to D.C. I would be happy to put you and your wife up. (That sentence didn't turn out too well, but in my day grammar was taught only the last two weeks of the senior year and who gave a hoot about learning anything then.)


Barbara Kraft

Submitted 25-March-1997