A Note from Bette Alderman Platt

I attended CLS for three years graduating in 1958. After that I attended and graduated from Boston University in 1962 as a teacher. I taught for years. I was married in 1962 to Joel Platt. He joined my dad's dealership 37 years ago. My parents died over 20 years ago. Joel ran the business. I went back to school to complete a business course in automobile management. Joel and I have two sons in the business. One is 27 and the other is 32 years old. We have a daughter, 33 years old, who lives in Washington, D.C. None is married.

I would like to have come to the Reunion, but we are busy that weekend. I would like addresses and telephone numbers so that I may be able to make contact with you.

I often think of all of you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.



Submitted 12-May-1997