A Note from Craig B. Varden

I live in Singapore with his wife, Dianne (originally from England), and our two children, Jason and Jenna.

After receiving my B.A. in history from Denison University, I served in the Navy as a communications officer mainly in Ethiopia and Naples. Following this I earned my MBA from Columbia University. After graduation I joined Sterling Drugs and pursued a career in International Marketing where I had assignments in Mexico, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

I currently am Regional Managing Director for SciClone Pharmacenticals with responsibilities for South Asia including India.

Sorry not to be able to make the reunion but the IRT subway doesn't stop here in Singapore! For the next reunion, I'll take the Staten Island Ferry -- slow but the price is right. Enjoy the day and seeing everyone again. I'll miss that part a lot.

Best regards,


Submitted 1-June-1997