A Note from Peter Lewis

The reunion in Darien was a wonderful day. What a flood of memories! It was also nice to meet some people from before my time, and hear what Cherry Lawn was like in earlier years. For those that didnít get there and those I didnít talk to, here is a quick update on what I am doing.

After high school I spent some time in California with CLSíers Frank Schaeffer and David Bates, building a houseboat and playing in the White Whale Blues Band. Then to Windham College in Vermont, marriage, a move to Philadelphia, lots of etching and welded sculpture (I have always continued as an artist), divorce, and a move back to Connecticut. Eventually I got a BFA and MFA, and began showing my work in galleries. Last year I had several shows in New York and New Haven of digital photocompositions and shadow/sound installations.

This year I did a show with CLSer Martin Baumgold at his dance studio in upstate NY. I have worked the past 15 years as a graphic designer, doing my part to encourage the spread of global consumerism. Iím not proud. Itís a living. Sort of. Iíve tried running my own studio. Iím not a businessman. I have sculpture studio in an old factory on the Housatonic River, and live in Stratford, CT with Janet, my Ďsignificant otherí of 10 years. Those are the high points of the last 27 years. There have been numerous low points as well, but letís not talk about those.

Iím happy to hear from any old friends who want to get in touch.


Submitted 5-October-1998