A Note from Diana Boege Fradette

I work for the Ramada hotel chain. I also take dance classes (tap, jazz and ballet), belong to a bowling league, love karaoke, and drive in demolition derby; successfully, I might add!!! I also have qualified six times to be a contestant on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire." Unfortunately, even though I answered all the questions correctly, it all came down to a random drawing for the final ten to appear in New York City. I'm now considering trying for "Weakest Link" as Millionaire is being cancelled.

I have two children; Faith, 24 and Abe, 21. My son has given me two grand-daughters (Iris and Maya) along with three step grandchildren (Shine, Sunny and Wanda). My daughter fell in love with a man with four children (Kim, Hannah, Travis Jr. and Chris) and they are getting married this June, 2002.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!!!


Diana Boege Cloyd Shorey Fradette (.....as you can see, I had to kiss a lot of frogs before finally finding my prince....................)

Submitted 1-March-2002