Open Letter from David Rabinow

May 1, 2001

Hello Fellow Alumni,

I hope people are still checking this site. It gives me a little thrill every time I go there. My one year at CLS was very special and somehow seems to standout among all of my teenage experiences. Not sure why, just does.

I attended Cherry Lawn as a sophomore during 1968-69. I lived in Manor house the first half and Boy's dorm the second. I have so many memories I can't list them all. I learned and experienced so many new and different things that year. It is truly amazing.

Just a few that pop into my mind are: My English teacher, Waldo Taylor, who inspired me in so many different ways. I have no idea what's become of him, but still think of him often. My friend, Larry, who I've lost touch with, but still has a special place in my life. And a girl, whose name I can't remember. The Strike! Richard Nixon! The Fillmore! Marijuana! The CLS baseball team - what a riot! Playing Guitar (poorly)! Music, Music, Music! And most importantly learning, and learning to love learning.

When I returned public school in Newton, MA (at the time the # 1 public school in America) as a junior, they didn't know what to do with me. I had already learned everything that they were preparing to teach me. Eventually, they just handed me a diploma and let me go home. I was about a year ahead of my friends, hadn't even started applying to Colleges. So I had a year to kinda do whatever I wanted. Remember this is 1970, not a difficult task.

Since that time, life's been pretty good to me. I've been married now for 23 years to a wonderful woman and have three great (albeit, pretty wild) kids. My oldest is 15 and seems a lot like I was at that age, so far, without some of the more dangerous choices. We live in Natick, MA - a suburb of Boston in the ultimate suburban house on the ultimate suburban street. I've had a successful career doing management consulting in the printing industry. My current plan is to retire (semi-retire) in seven years when I'm 55.

My main pastime is still music and still blues. I play almost every day in my home studio with my virtual band "the Rabinettes". You can find us all over the internet, the fastest route is If you go there drop me an email. I'd love to hear from anybody and I will try to attend the Get-Together.


David Rabinow