A Note from Alison Miller

In Colorado since 1973. I helped my sister, Jane Miller at her horse farm until she was killed in an auto accident in 1991. I also got an MA in Elementary Education from University of North Colorado. I taught school for ten years in NYC, South Carolina and the U.S. Virgin Islands. I also worked off-off Broadway in the "Woodstock years."

Had two "wildly unsuitable" common-law relationships of 7 years each. The man I see now is a machinist with a NICE SMILE and a responsible attitude toward life!

Last gift from my grandparents (in 1971) was a wonderful little Sheltie pup "Pipsqueak" who turned out a top winner in Dog Obedience! "Squeak" died at age 18 (Shelly knows), but bequeathed me a lifelong hobby.

Currently I have one Sheltie and a BRILLIANT collie. There names are "Lorri" and "Summer."

To Elena Ogus Paley: Hi, I hope your older sister, Helen, is doing well -- you two were a "matched sister set" like me and my Jane who attended CLS a number of years.

To Shelly: Please always stay in touch.

To Bazz: My love and admiration and I'll never forget you.

Submitted 30-May-1997