A Note from Paula Weideger

Dear Classmates:

Thank you for sending me the information about the reunion. I am glad that it is going ahead. What a shame I won't be in New York in June. It would be good to see all those who had the courage to turn up and to spend some time with Baz again. I think it's terrific that you are taking so much trouble -- and time. The whole thing has sent me back to my copies of the Cherry Pit.

I suppose my year were 1954-56. As for the information about the forty years since....

For almost 18 years I have been living in London; at first for half the year; now most of the time. But I never gave up having a place in Manhattan nor thinking of myself as anything other than a New Yorker. (I was not nor am I now an Anglophile, but for these 18 years I have been making my life with an Englishman or rather a Londoner.)

I write. Journalism and books. Most recently I published a book about Britain's National Trust, which charity is the largest private landowner in Britain and owns hundreds of great houses and gardens. To do my research I travelled all over England, Wales and Northern Ireland and talked to hundreds of people. That was a treat on the whole. The NT is much loved; has more members than all the political parties combined. I say this because I had some criticisms to make as well as praise and the former unleashed quite an uproar. Several of the old boys took to spitting at me, in print. How dare I, an American, etc. One result of all the carrying on; I am now studying Italian! And have joined Passports for Pets which is attempting to put an end to the quarantine of dogs and cats. (I have had a succession of very large and shaggy poodles over the last twenty five years.)

I am thinking about a new book; doing some journalism, and am about to go on the Internet. Maybe.

I would be especially pleased to know the whereabouts of Lucy (Doft), Clover (Vail) and Albert (Morse).

With best regards,


Submitted 4-May-1997