A Note from Michael Tallan

Hello to all of my old classmates, teachers, and friends from Cherry Lawn. I remember well my three years at Cherry Lawn. Looking at the names in the alumni directory brought back a lot of memories of people I knew.

After graduating from Cherry Lawn in 1971, I went to the University of Rochester and got a B.A. in geology. Then followed many years in grad school from which I eventually emerged with an M.A in anthropology from Kent State University and an M.S. in computer science from Indiana University.

In 1984 I moved to Silicon Valley in California. I was a computer programmer for seven years with Xerox Corporation. After being laid off from Xerox I switched fields and got into technical writing. I'm now a technical writer for Xilinx Inc. in San Jose.

I got married in 1990 and my wife and I live in San Jose.

Submitted 31-December-1997