A Letter from Ludwig Zuber

Dear Cherry Lawners,

I was the unfortunate one to close Cherry Lawn. To me it had been my life and I keep thinking of all the good it had done. It was a place to grow in, to participate in many activities, to explore the many facets of the Universe!

After the school closed, we moved to Florida, and for a number of years I taught and later became Director of the Gables Academy, a school for dyslexics. My basic indoctrination at Cherry Lawn stood me in good stead.

Following this, I became interested in developing my artistic talents. I took up watercolors and have been successful -- the gallery handling my work sold three last week at between $400-$500 apiece. It doesn't happen too often! Also, I was one of two watercolorists accepted in an all Florida juried show. They had 248 applications, chose thirty six, one of which was mine.

I would like to share with you two anecdotes about Dr. Staël.

She had just bought a magnificent hat embellished with rooster feathers, and was descending the steps of the office heading to New York City for a "day off." It was raining "cats and dogs." I made the comment that she would ruin her hat in this weather. She gave me a withering look, tossed her head and said "What do you think the chickens did!"

The other one involves her trip back from New York. On the way to Grand Central Station, she bought a bottle of Swedish spirits but unfortunately dropped it. She picked it up and the contents spilled over her dress. Undaunted, she bought another bottle, got to the station and boarded the train for Darien. She read and wasn't really aware of the man sitting opposite her, who was sniffing the air suspiciously. Finally, she prepared to get off at Darien. The gentleman opposite spoke to her: "Madam, how can you smell so drunk and be so sober?"

I want to wish to all Cherry Lawners an old Chinese toast: "May the most that you desire be the least that you receive." Share your memories and enjoy the good of Cherry Lawn.


Ludwig C. Zuber

Submitted 11-June-1997

Recent watercolor piece by Mr. Zuber