Greeting from Teacher John E. Corthorn, Jr.

Dear Cherry Lawn Alumni and Friends,

As a member of the Cherry Lawn family, I am happy to be writing to you this day. In 1970, when I rounded the turn onto the grounds, my old Rambler packed with all my worldly goods, I delighted in the fact that I had been invited to join the Cherry Lawn community. I knew that I was about to plunge headlong into a unique academic work experience accompanied by the excitement that comes from new challanges in fertile circumstances. I was never disappointed . . . Hopefully, I lent some positive, forward motion to the events and lives that filled that unique time and place!

One of the girls used to say that her family owned a castle in Scotland and that she would like us all to live there with her some day. There were times when I had the distinct impression that we were already living there in a kind of New England Brigadoon . . . This generosity of spirit showed itself often and in other situations and bound the community together, adding sparks of vitality to the many events that took place.

Like everyone, I have my own cache of special memories and I'm certain that I share some of them with you. Individual testimonies that I read in your letters recounting success in family, work and artistry of all kinds has been an inspiration to me. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the CLS world and for the guidance, kindness and friendship I received from everyone.

In honor of our shared experience, let us remember each other as we meet in our own respective faith communities.

I look forward to seeing you again and to rebuilding the spirit of the time.

All the world turned on a dime and our lives bled together in a watercolor dream of light and hope, faith and happiness, under the towering pine sentinels that sway in evening breezes on Brookside off the Old Boston Post Road in the Land of Cherry Lawn . . .

Peace be with you,

John E. Corthorn, Jr.

Submitted 31-October-1998