A Note from Ruth Dreessen



The other day, I was absolutely stunned to receive an email on my blackberry, asking if I went to Cherry Lawn. Thirty-four years after its demise, there are still people who remember and care about it, so it’s not completely gone after all.


Thanks to Mike Manners and Lewis Myerson for “finding” me.


The email generated a flood of memories, distracting me at work during the day, and leading me to spend hours on the website in the evening. I am told that several people asked after me so here goes …


The year after CL closed was one of the most difficult in my life. Several of you have described going to Cherry Lawn after public school where you didn’t fit in. Well, imagine the reverse. I may as well have been dropped on another planet, in this case, South Florida, where I attended Coral Gables Senior High for a year before making my escape to college.  


I found a college, New College of Florida that had much in common with CLS, even to the point of going bankrupt! Luckily the school did not close, and, in fact, is still around today. New College was a completely unstructured, academically intense, very small liberal arts college (one immediately grasps the similarities) and I was very happy there.


Upon graduation, reality set in. A few years in menial jobs and then back to school, this time at Columbia in NY where I got my Master’s in International Affairs and finally, a real job at Chase Manhattan Bank.


After free wheeling high school and college experiences, I have led a pretty structured existence. No complaints though.  Marriage, career, 3 kids. I have been incredibly lucky.


As the cliché goes, so much has changed. It’s high school. After all, you are supposed to grow up and move on. But a few things remain and for those I am grateful:


The memory of a few close friends, You were all there at the ‘99 reunion, which I truly regret missing!


A love of reading  – thank you Basil Burwell and Katy Okrent


A fascination with figure drawing – thanks to Victor Robinson. When I tell people that I studied it in high school, they are amazed.


All the music from that era…mostly picked up by listening to other people’s records in the dorm. It’s great fun sharing that with my daughters who both play guitar.


And of course, some of the most embarrassing moments in my life – but those I will keep to myself.


To make sure I am not lost again:



5470 Candlewood Drive

Houston , Tx 77056




Submitted 30 - August -2006