Mr. Zuber has sent me a lovely holiday card featuring one of his wonderful paintings 

that includes a greeting and wish for all Cherry Lawners.

For those whose eyesight is not as good as it used to be, the card reads:

Dear Mike,


My Career (2nd) as an artist is taking off -

Sold over $5000 worth of

paintings this year!


To celebrate my

90ieth Birthday - making

me a Nonagenarian -

I went to Italy (Orvieto,

Perugina + Rome) for two

weeks. Absolutely one

of the most wonderful

times I've ever had.


Didn't really want to leave.


I am most grateful

to all Cherry Lawners for

their kind thoughts and

wishes - but can't

respond individually.


I do remember them -

mostly their eagerness

and thoughtfulness. I

assure you even though some

remember reading a comic

book in my history class

it was not in my memory of them -


I want to wish

all Cherry Lawners a

pleasant peaceful

holiday season and

a New Year that

will fufill some of

your hopes and dreams.


As Ever,



ps. I have a hard time visualizing

you other than as young teenagers.