A Note from Peter Miller

As a result of the creation of this wonderful work of a website, an old friend found and called me today which prompted me to peruse it. My God all those forgotten (& some forlorn) faces coming back to life in my imagination!, including my own. It really makes me actualize my own changes since that time. What was I thinking?

Joy and melancholy are what I'm feeling. That I was, for a time, a part of the little landscaped Cherry Lawn world: a little of each philosophy, blind young love, playing it cool, Zen, Spagettios on a hotplate, #10 butt cans, golden moments gabbing on a gazebo, wondering what it's like up that dorm staircase while trying to study?, waking to the Four Tops, the Beatles, or the Monkees blaring through a cinderblock world, thinking none of this crap matters since I'm the next great poet after EE Cummings, and of course Mom and Dad visiting and arguing: annoying! Etc., etc. Hats off to that rich essence of life that Basil Burwell brought to us, and Mr. Zuber's: Hannibal's army strategy disguised as desks.

With Love Peter Miller - I believe that I wiil be at this reunion.

Submitted 23-March-1999