A Note from James E. Zilli, '47

Please be advised that I have been found. James E Zilli,class of 1947, Went to Lafayette College and graduated in 1951 with a BS in Administrative Engineering. 

After 1951 I worked in the engineering and construction field. Started with a company from NYC (went out of business many years later) including working at the expansion of Lajes Field in the Azores Islands. 

Was drafted and served two years in the US Army, Signal Corps at Fort Monmouth, NJ. After the Army was sent to Venezuela by my previous employer and lived there from 1956 to 1959. Returned to USA and worked on various construction projects in eastern USA and returned to Venezuela in 1963 with Kaiser Engineers for the construction of the Guri Hydroelectric Project; in 1967 was named as the Construction Manager responsible for all construction activities, payroll was 4500 local workers which worked 3 shifts a day and 6 days a week. Left project in 1968 and was assigned to Santiago, Chile as the Resident Engineer for the new Sheraton Hotel in Santiago. Left Chile in 1970 and returned to USA to Oakland, Ca. 

Returned to Caracas, Venezuela to worked on the Guri claims; upon completion was employed by Tecno Consult(Venezuelan engineering and construction firm) as Director. In 1975 was hired by Harza Engineers as an Associated of the company to be the Project Director for a very large hydroelectric project between Argentina and Paraguay. After two years returned to USA in Harza's home office in Chicago. 

In 1980 was hired by Fluor Engineers in Irvine, Ca. as a Project Manager. remained with Fluor until 1998 when I retired as a Senior Director, Projects. My last project was the preparation of the basic engineering package for a grass roots upgrader (refinery) in Venezuela and the project received many awards.

Since retiring have been accepted into the Santa Ana, Ca. chapter of S.C.O.R.E. (Service Corps. of Retired Executives), play golf, sail, cook, travel and enjoy life with wife of 21 years.

That's it, if you have questions you may contact me at: zilli@pacbell.net.

Submitted 25-December-2006