A Note from John Mollenhauer

Hi, my name is John Mollenhauer. I did not graduate from Cherry Lawn, but I did attend there in 1970 and 1971. From there I went to Forman School, in Litchfield CT, and then on to Sanford School, in Hockessin Del, where I graduated. I went on to a summer session at the Berklee School of music in Boston, and then to Franconia College in Franconia N.H, where I majored in music, and minor'd in film and video production, and theater. I did my last semester off campus at the school of Contemporary Music in Boston, and got an AA degree from Franconia College.

Since then I have lived in Boston, Wilton, CT, several places in CA, and have been living in Nashville, TN, for 9 years now.

I am a career musician, singer/songwriter. I have three albums, (CD's) currently avaliable on my own record label, M-Pire Records. I have shortened my professional name, and am now known as John M. I also have a Christmas EP, and a live VHS video available, and am in the final stages of production on a second video.

I have also done some acting, and some work in film and video production, but my primary vocation is still music.

Last spring I built my own 24 track recording studio, which I now operate as a business, and in which I recorded my current CD.

I am now 43, and still single.

I have remained in touch with Lynn Sutherland, (from who'm I found out about the website,) and Gary Gaines and Cathy Conely. Sadly, I have lost touch with everyone else, and there are a number of other people I would love to reestablish contact with. I will check the website from time to time in the hopes that their information shows up there.

I will also forward information to Gary Gaines and Cathy Conely, and encourage them to contact you.

Anyone from Cherry Lawn is welcome to contact me, for any reason (see contact information in the CLS Directory under CLS'71). I remember Cherry Lawn as the best school I ever attended, despite it's rather severe problems toward the end, which Bazz referred to in his letter.

Submitted 12-Sept-1997