An Update from John Mollenhauer

Hello Mike, Thank you again for all the hard and generally thankless work you do maintaining this website.

I have a letter on file in the directory, but it is several years old and out of date now. If you can, please either add this under my name, or replace the existing letter with this one. Thanks again. John M.

Hello fellow Cherry Lawners. Anyone who knew me in 1971-72 at Cherry Lawn knew me as John Mollenhauer. I did not graduate from CLS, but did attend for a couple of years. I was neither the most nor the least popular at the time, but I remember it as mostly a good time, and I remember a fair number of people, including some whom I only just barely knew.

I am now 54 and living happily in the Los Angeles area. I a career musician, singer/songwriter, recording studio owner, producer, and occasional actor. For professional reasons I now go by the name, “John M.” (Nobody could ever remember or spell, “Mollenhauer.”) I have never married but have had many relationships and am in one now. I attended the FIRST Cherry Lawn reunion, had a wonderful time there, and re-connected with, among other people, Steven Klien, whom I’d been out of touch with for some 30 years, and who is now once again a good friend, and who actually designed and built my state-of-the-art recording studio. I have stayed in touch with a handful of other CLS-ers, and there are others who’m I’ve not been able to find or connect with but would love to hear from again.

I am not sure whether I’ll be able to make it to this years, “Final Annual Reunion” or not,.. I’ll try.

In the meantime, I would welcome any contact from anyone who knew or remembers me, even slightly.

My websites: 

and my email:

John M, Singer/songwriter president, John M. Productions & M-Pire Records Owner/operator, M-Pire Recording Studio.