A Note from Jon Feller

A Note from Jon Feller I have taken great pride in telling people that I graduated 22nd in my high school class, of course they did not suspect that the class of '58 only had 23 graduates. Anyway, after graduation I attended Wesley College, then a two year school, and in 1963 received my BS from American University in Washington. I spent six months on active duty and then six years in the US Navy Reserve. Once out the service I went to work at WAST-TV (now WNYW) in Albany, NY.

In 1965 I entered a training program but ended up spending a year in the news department as a reporter and photographer. I had the privilege of getting to know and frequently interviewing Nelson Rockefeller then the Governor. Among the most notable people I interviewed were Bobby Kennedy and Jackie Robinson.

In 1967 I moved to New York and went to work in the media department of BBDO advertising, assigned to, among other accounts, Pepsi-Cola. In the summer of 1971 at the weekly drunken beach party in Davis Park, Fire Island, known as "The Sixish" I introduced myself (as best I could) to Audrey, who proceeded to ignore my great line, "you're beautiful." After a few minutes she tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'That's very nice, thank you." This past March we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Our only child, Joshua, was born in 1974.

In 1972 I moved from BBDO to work for Pepsi in Purchase, NY first in the media department and subsequently in various marketing positions. We bought a house in New Rochelle about the time Josh was born and still live in New Rochelle, but now in a town house.

In 1977 I left Pepsi to become Senior VP of spot television and radio at Wells, Rich Greene advertising. In 1981, five years later, I made a major decision to leave the security of a big company and joined a new company, Total Video started by Dave DeBusschere, the former NY Knick basketball player and John Andariese, the Knick broadcaster. Two years later Dave moved back to basketball and John and I became the sole owners of this boutique ad sales company. We enjoyed modest success for about 12 years but as cable television grew, syndication, our specialty went into decline.

In 1993 we sold our company to Petry which was the third largest television station representative company. Two years later our group of five people separated from Petry and we established a new company AirTime Avails. In January 2001 we established TVi Media a division of CONUS communications

Audrey works part time for a market research company in White Plains and Josh who graduated from the University of Colorado in 1996 is working for the Internet Company Lycos.

I worked closely with Stu Varden on the June 1997 reunion party and had one of the best evenings of my life. Seeing Steve Potter (class of 56) and my old "touchdown twin" room-mate Andy Jampoler was as special thrill. (I think we got the nickname because in three years the two of us scored one touchdown.)

Submitted 12-August-2001