A Note from Eddie Podolsky

Greetings fellow Cherry Lawners and Sour Mashers. What a wonderful thing, this web site. I am so happy to be able to share thoughts with all of you, and I'm especially looking forward to seeing all of you at an upcoming reunion sometime. Remember our "Animal Room"-my senior project, and my ducks that followed me to class?

After my graduation in '72, I came to Toledo Ohio, and have stayed here ever since. I married Johanna Durst in '85 and have 3 children...Emily-12 (11/27/86), Chelsea-10 (3/3/88), and Benjamin-6 (5/21/91). I graduated from the University of Toledo in 1980 with a BFA in Tech Theatre (Lighting and Sound). After graduation I joined with a partner and opened a bill collection agency. In 1985 the business was sold and I opened my current business, Quality Photographic Services, a custom and machine printing photo lab. My lab affliations led to my opening a Wedding/Portrait Photography Studio in 1991. Currently I run my studio business, and have a lab manager running the lab.

I have kept up with my musical abilities as well, playing Hammond B-3 organ in R&B bands, and bass and guitar over the past 25 years. A special hello goes out to everyone from Sour Mash...you helped to form the basis for my professional music career. Mark, I thank you and everyone in the group for that!

I am especially hoping that someone may have available a copy of the vinyl recording Sour Mash made, of which Millie Cookman is holding a copy on page 108 of the '72 Cherry Pit. I'm a pack rat at heart but can not come up with the recording. If so and you could record a tape of it for me I would be very grateful (even scratchy it would be great!) I also wonder if anyone has photographs of me from CLS that you might be willing to share? I have photographs from every part of my life except then. Either pics of me or any photographs at all would be so appreciated. I would absorb all of the expense of copying the record or duplicating the photos if you did. I'm easy to reach....1-800-684-8762...if you have the inclination please call me.

Jeff Ross, my roommate in 71-72'...hope you're doing well, and if you're like me you think about Pete Florio often...Randy, your face surfaces every so often even after all this time...Ellen, I say "Slimay" and can't remember why sometimes...I have thought about Karen Goldman from Philadelphia over the years, and notice that she's not listed in any of the Alumni Lists. Does anyone know of her whereabouts? If I didn't mention you personally its only because I don't want to take over here...there are so many wonderful memories!

What fun! Please write to me if you have the time. Even if we didn't hang out, there were only a handful of us. I hope we can see other soon...Best regards everyone.

Eddie P.

Submitted 8-March-1998