Photo of the Month




Nobody has sent me any fresh material in a long time, and 

I've simply run out of photos. The Photo of the Month feature

will resume when someone sends me photos of anything related to 

Cherry Lawn that might be of interest to others.



Previous Photos of the Month


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If you would like to offer a photo for consideration as a Photo of the Month selection, but do not have a means to scan photos, please send your original prints to Mike Manners (see address below) with any information about the date taken, the photographer and subject matter. If selected, Mike will scan your photo and will make sure that your original photo is returned. Please print information CLEARLY on a separate piece of paper and avoid writing on the back of the photographs.


Send photos to:

Mike Manners
53 Spencer Drive
Middletown, CT 06457

Questions about submitting photos to be scanned can be addressed to Mike via email at