2002 Photos of the Month





January, 2002: Elise Samelson Teitelbaum's Life in Israel



February, 2002: Lynn Gibson Ticotsky, CLS 1965, Sews Her Stories



March, 2002: Les Szolosi, CLS'57, Strikes a Pensive Pose



April, 2002: The Many Faces of Bazz Burwell



May, 2002: Celebrating a Joyous Occasion



June, 2002: The Study Cram Session



July, 2002: The Original Boys' House



August, 2002: Prom Night, 1955



September, 2002: Stein House



October, 2002: Dr. StaŽl at Graduation



November, 2002: The Play's the Thing



December, 2002: Christmas Pageant Program from 1955