2000 Photos of the Month



January, 2000: Watercolor by Ludwig Zuber



February, 2000: Tony Radbill Serves Out Court Trial



March, 2000: Cherry Lawn Stalwarts in Dramatic Recitation



April, 2000: Ludwig Zuber on Board Sail Boat



May, 2000: The Late Stan Kelvin



June, 2000: Florence Gralnick and Valerie Landsman



July, 2000: Barbara Gross, Dale Bederson, Judy Hess and June Nojima



August, 2000: Ludwig Zuber in 2000



September, 2000: Cherry Lawn Park in 1999



October, 2000: Cherry Lawn School -- Summer, 1968



November, 2000: Art teacher Victor Robinson



December, 2000: Orchids and Crystal by Ludwig Zuber