2001 Photos of the Month





January, 2001: Mr. Lally's English Class



February, 2001: English Teacher Eugene Gold



March, 2001: Debbie Stern, "Dead Air" D. J.



April, 2001: Promotional Still from Film "This Is My School"



May, 2001: The Mystery Painting



June, 2001: June Kaplan and Her Artwork



July, 2001: Dianne Grossman Next to Bagel Stand



August, 2001: Cherry Lawn Basketball Team - 1948



September, 2001: Dr. StaŽl with History Students - 1948



October, 2001: Aline Romano'66 & Phyllis Shapiro'67 Revisit the Past



November, 2001: Keith Churchill's Concert by the Sea



December, 2001: Roy Lawaetz's After the Conquest