Reunion  2004

Pear Tree Point Beach


Paradise Restaurant

Something Different

Peter Miller, CLS '68, took some interesting 360 degree panorama

photographs of attendees using a special attachment on his camera. To view

them you will need to have  "Quicktime" installed on your computer. If you

do not presently have Quicktime, you will automatically be given an opportunity

to download and install the FREE quicktime viewer when you click on the

link for either of the pictures.


Picture One            Picture Two

Pix from Mike Manners, CLS '72

Pix from Debbie Viess, CLS '70

Pix from Alese Boltuch, CLS '70

Pix from Enid Levinson, CLS  '71

Pix from Laura Schoen, CLS '69

Pix from Charlie Cookman, CLS '74

Pix from Mark Mitchell, CLS '68