The Cherry Lawn Day at the Beach had a "reunion within a reunion", as a contingent from the class of 1952 celebrated their 50th anniversary with us! Richard Bonime was kind enough to send along a couple of photo's, and I hope others will follow his lead...

(Hans Gesell, CLS52, & Richard Bonime, CLS52)

(Alyce Degan, CLS52 - Nancy Roberts, CLS52 - Elliot Heath, CLS52)


Laura Schoen sent along a few great shots...


Mark Mitchell 68, Barbara Goldman Tomao 68, Dennis Osrow 68

Debbie Jacobsen Starkweather 70, Sara Korzennik 71, Jan Attwood 70, Mark Mitchell 68, 

Barbara Goldman Tomao 68, Dennis Osrow 68, Cynthia Rosen Altman 69

David Rosenfield 71, Dave Kamaras 70, Dave Bates 71

Earl Million 65, Jan Attwood 70, Jan's Husband, Bill Hoagland

Mike Manners 72, Mike's wife, (honorary Cherry Lawner) Kathy, Laura Schoen 69

Laura Schoen 69, Cynthia Rosen Altman 69