1997 CLS Reunion 

held in New York City


On June 21, 1997, a Cherry Lawn School reunion was held at Piccolino's Restaurant in New York City. We are pleased to report that it was a success well beyond our expectations. Originally planned as a modest affair for a few classes in the late 1950s, it grew into a broader celebration of Cherry Lawn and its beliefs that spans the entire history of the school. Ninety nine attended from around the country, including a student from the first year (1920) and a graduate from the last class (1972). Other attendees included Tanya Bogoslovsky Wood, daughter of Dr. Bogoslovsky and Dr. Staël, teachers Don Emerson and Kenneth Silver, and Clarice Strasser, a longtime member of the Board of Trustees. The full list of attendees is included here.



Bazz Burwell, who so much wanted to be with us, followed the advice of his doctors and did not make the strenuous trip down from northern Maine. He did, however, send an interesting and poignant letter that was movingly read aloud at the reunion by Paulette Richman Rochelle-Levy, CLS Class of 1959. The text of Bazz's letter is included here.

At the reunion, the proposal was made and endorsed that a Cherry Lawn School Web page be established on the Internet. The original plan was for the Web page to include the history and philosophy of the school, alumni news, and most importantly a Cherry Lawn School Directory of current addresses of Cherry Lawners -- both students and staff.

And so, here we are. Please let us know what you think. We look for your continued support.

[Special Thanks: The photographs have been kindly provided by Eileen West, CLS'59, who had the good sense to bring a camera. Thanks, Eileen!]