- January 2008 -

Photo of the Month




Hi Mike,


I am submitting a jpg I took of a watercolor that I did while at Cherry Lawn School.


It was a view from the Art studio building looking across the Lake. It was done around Nov. 1964.

Lucy Koch was the Art teacher then. My Mother, Yvonne Gibson, was a housemother at CLS between 1962-1967. She had this hanging on her wall as long as I can remember. When I took it down recently, while helping her move..... there was a form still glued to the back. I remembered that Lucy Koch had entered this into an all Connecticut statewide Art show at Yale in the spring of 1965. I remember going with her to the exhibit in New Haven. I believe it won some kind of prize although not sure if it was a ribbon or what. Also I remember somebody at the exhibit wanted to buy it but I had promised it to my mother who has had it ever survived through many moves even back and forth across the Atlantic.


The label on the back says:

Town: Darien, Conn.

School: Cherry Lawn

Name: Linn Gibson (misspelled of course...sigh)

Age: 18

Title: Autumn

Media: watercolor

Instructor: Lucy Koch

Done in school: Yes


Thought it was a little piece of memorabilia from the old days. I remember when the trees across the lake were ablaze with color across the lake. Fall is still my favorite season and figures into many of my Art quilts. Let me know if you can use it?


Lynn Gibson Ticotsky CL of 65.



Credits: Lynn Gibson Ticotsky, '65