Photo of the Month

July, 2004


Hi, Mike.

My sister has recently given me three photos taken on graduation day at CLS in 1966. They're pretty grainy as they were shot with a Minox back then. I have hesitated to send them since I'm in all three but figure that the site is always in need of "new" photos and I finally decided to send them along.

The first is me after having just received the Cherry Lawner Award at the ceremony. I'm standing behind the trophy with my name added to it.

The second is Dom Mastrapasqua who had been Dean of Students when I was admitted to CLS in 1965. He took particular pride in my doing well at the school. He is shown holding the Cherry Lawn Award platter presented to me during the 1966 graduation day ceremonies. Mr. Mastrapasqua had returned to the school just for those ceremonies that day.

The third photo is of me and my roommate, Alex Popow, class of 1966, right after the ceremonies. The photo was taken in front of my house in Stamford. Alex had graduated that day and had played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on the piano at the ceremonies. He attended the 1999 reunion and is currently living in Caracas, Venezuela.

I truly did not want to send photos of myself and you may choose not to put them on the site as they're pretty G*d-awful, qualitywise. But they are CLS nostalgia so here they are. I guess, if you run them, that you might want to give Anne Salthouse credit for the photos.

Are you coming to the get-together on Saturday?


Hank Gans


[Photo Credits: Anne Salthouse]