Photo of the Month

June, 2004


In 1945, a young (8th grade) Rolf Ohlhausen already knew that he wanted to be an architect. He created this startlingly accurate aerial plan of the Cherry Lawn Campus to accompany a composition he wrote about the school. It was the first plan he ever drew. Rolf did go on to become a very accomplished architect...


His first professional commission was the design of what was to be the Roger Strasser building on the Cherry Lawn campus. Unfortunately, the building was never completed due to the closing of the school. 


Rolf is currently away on an extended motorcycle adventure with his son, but, promises to send along a copy of the report that went with this artwork for inclusion  on the website upon his return.


Bear in mind that young Rolf did not have the use of a hot air balloon for this project!

[Photo Credits: from the collection of Rolf Ohlhausen ]