I believe that we are now living in this world. I do not know how or why the world began; nor have I been interested for many years in finding an answer to that problem. I do not know whether there is a future life after we leave this world, nor does that question trouble me.

The more I study the world, the more I believe that it is slowly becoming a better place to live in. I believe that it is incumbent on each of us to do what in us lies to improve the world. I believe that there is no happiness to be gained in doing anything else.

I believe that it is happiness to do well whatever we do; to create anything that satisfies our creative instinct; to act so as to give pleasure to others; to live in accord with our own conscience; to love so that others will be benefited and none injured by our love; to work for the joy of work, expecting and receive the financial rewards of our work as our due not our motive; to play, dance, sing, and read for the joy that is each of these activities.

I believe that sorrow and joy come to each of us; that, though these are not evenly distributed, we learn in joy and in sorrow so to live that the world is better for our having lived, and that is our happiness.

Dr. Fred Goldfrank
December 14, 1930

By tradition, the Credo was read aloud at Cherry Lawn graduations by the member of the graduating class who had attended the school the longest.