A Note from Alese Boltuch Clark

... I remember it well. Hello Farrell... I was doing a net search this morning for something totally unrelated to CLS, and somehow the CLS web site came up in my search results. It was an instant heart stopper to see familiar names not thought of in many years, and I found myself being 17 and 18 again, instead of 47 (I know that's the chronological number, but somehow it isn't really who or what I am).

Anyway, as a member of the class of 1970, I did a bit of reminiscing with myself, browsed the site a bit, and then decided to write this letter. You may or may not remember me... that's ok (I found my memory straining at some of the names listed, and was unsuccessful at placing faces on all of them).

My name then was Alese Boltuch (I also had the nickname of "Bunny," which I have not used in almost 30 years)... now it's Alese Clark. I have 2 sons (both of whom would have fit in at CLS very well, much to the dismay of their father, who cannot conceive of things that do not fit neatly into a box... needless to say, I am also a single mother, and do better that way than as someone else's half). I have 4 cats and a dog, and they are easier to raise than kids.

After CLS, I went to Adelphi University, dropped out and lived in Israel for a while (working, but not on a kibbutz), went back and graduated with a degree in English Literature. Did some work on a master's degree but never finished. Got into computer consulting by accident, earned a living at that for a while (hated it), married, had the kids, lived in several states, and wound up in Massachusetts (since 1982). I eventually went to law school, and now practice family law almost exclusively... a very interesting field! I am also a certified mediator with a specialty in family law. I teach at a local college part time, and find the lack of individual thought in today's students appalling. Their basic education seems lacking also, which greatly saddens me.

As a single mother I find myself doing things I never thought I would... I have rebuilt my 40 year old kitchen from the sub floor to wall studs, built the cabinets, installed electrical fixtures, mitered casings, and all sorts of stuff. I learned enough so that I am sure that I will not redo the bathroom by myself. I would much rather keep working on my writing... no intent to publish anything, but it is a need in me that I must fulfill.

Life is never boring, but sometimes I wish I could find a rut just to catch my breath. My hair is starting to gray... something for old people, not me! And I guess I am having a second childhood (whatever happened to the first one??)... I bought a sports car last year instead of something practical and economical. I deserve it, I think. I don't travel as much as I would like, but recently spent time in England, and have seriously begun to think about relocating there in a few years.

Thanks for listening to my rambling, especially when you may not even remember me... today was brightened by an inadvertent stumble on memories.

- - Alese

Submitted 13-Feb-2000