Letter from Mr. Luber following Reunion'99

Dear CLS Reunion Committee:

Thank you so much for the replica of the memorial plaque. It states simply and beautifully the Cherry Lawn I knew and was part of. Clarice Strasser's memoir of Cherry Lawn sounds like an out-of-this world fairy tale -- except that it was to a great extent reality and not myth. It is beautifully written, reads easily and I only wish we had it while we were still in operation!

I have had the pleasure of a number of visits from the alumni and been the recipient of many letters here in Florida. This has enhanced my happiness considerably. As you know I'm currently following my childhood inclination and fascination with the visual arts and am currently represented in 4 galleries.

My wife is beginning to heal, but the doctor's say that if all goes well she will heal by January.

Thank you again for all your kindnesses and consideration -- It makes me relive much of my "youth" at CLS.


Ludwig C. Zuber