What follows are the photos of each table of the Reunion banquet on the evening of July 24, 1999. Although we can match faces with names in many cases, we still need help. Please email names from your table. Thanks.

(Table 1: Seated: Barbara Beitscher-'63, Laurie Bilik-'63, Robert Romano'63, Pedro Gonsenheimer'63, Susan Shepherd (spouse); Standing: Richard Bradbury Houghton (spouse), Jennifer Neustat (spouse), Stephen Neustat-'63, Craig B. Varden-'63, John Shepherd-'63, Dianne Varden (spouse))

(Table 2: Seated: Dr. Kay Dolgow & Richard Bottfeld-'64, Richard Van Horne-'64, Robert Nurin-'64 & spouse; Standing: Hilary Fried-'65, & spouse, Nancy Hahn Crum-'64 & spouse, Jeff Sinaiwsky (spouse))

(Table 3: Seated: Jamie Lembeck-'71; Standing: Angela Rubin (friend), Michael Proper-'71, friend of Peter Lembeck, Peter Lembeck (brother))

(Table 4: Seated: David Gorn-'54, Ted Lavoot-'54, Terri Lavoot (spouse), Louis Roberts-'54, & Richard Kovner-'54; Standing: Jerry Strauss-'54, Clover Vail-'57, David Schancupp-'57, David Drezner-'57)

(Table 5)

(Table 6)

(Table 7)

(Table 8)

(Table 9: Seated: James (Jim) Mcguire (spouse), Diane Kulick-Mcguire-'68, Larry Barnhart (spouse), Carolyn White-Barnhart-'68; Standing: Chris Butters-'69, Joan Bobley Kimche (friend), Jeff Sinaiwsky (spouse), Gil Windheim-'57, Barbara Goldman-Tomao-'68, Alan Cohen-'68, Joann Golden-'68, Dennis Osrow-'68, Lenny Perrone-'69)

(Table 10: Seated: Holly Merrill-'72, Jan Atwood-'70, Andrea Levin-'70, Connie Cohrt (spouse), Amy Reichman-'71; Standing: Bradshaw Heaney-'71, Eric Thomson-'72, Maura Robinson-'72, Billy Ward (spouse), Richard Gaylord-'72, Rita DePastina-'72)

(Table 11: Seated: Roslyn Ross Hoffman-'66, Bernie Hoffman (spouse), Joel Schwartz-'66, Lynn Gibson Ticotsky-'65; Standing: Spouse of Francine F., Francine F.-'69, Jeff Sinaiwsky (spouse))

(Table 12: Seated: Herbert Goldfrank-'25, Helen Goldfrank (spouse), Samuel H. Colodny-'37, Clarice Strasser (board member); Standing: Jeff Sinaiwsky (spouse), unknown, unknown, unknown)

(Table 13: Seated: Reid Richards (friend), Sylvia Gabe-'73, Ami Hartley-'73, Dianne Grossman-'68; Standing: Peter Lewis-'71, Ron Brandman-'69, David Bates-'71, Peter Miller-'68, Dennis Osrow-'68, Don Meyer (spouse), Jeff Sinaiwsky (spouse))

(Table 14: Front Row: Bob Conroy (spouse), Estelle Verner David-'67, Ken Mandell-'66, Max Goldsmith (spouse); Second Row: unknown, Fullis (Shapiro) Conroy-'67, Aline (Romano) Goldsmith-'66, Louie & Debby (Lees) Bleier-'66; Back Row: Alex Popow-'66, Arnie Kaye-'66)

(Table 15)

(Table 16)

(Table 17)

(Table 18: Jennifer Cahill-'72, Jeremy Burwell-'72, David Geary-'71)

(Table 19: Seated: Celia Chorosh Segar-'59, Joan Strasser-'59; Standing: Brian Loftus-'59, Norma Krege Thomas-'59)

(Table 20)

(David Bates-'71, Ron Brandman-'71, Michael Proper-'71, Peter Lewis-'71)

(Clarice Strasser (board member), Joan Strasser-'59, unknown)

(Celia Chorosh Segar-'59, Norma Krege Thomas-'59, Brian Loftus-'59)

(John Mollenhauer-'71 & Penni Merrick)

(Reid Richards (friend), Sylvia Gabe-'73, Ami Hartley-'73)

(Dianne Grossman-'68, Don Meyer (spouse))

(Frances Degen Horowitz-'49)

(Seated: Janet Wuchiski (friend), Peter Lewis-'71; Background: Herbert Goldfrank-'25 delivering remarks at banquet)

(Alyce Degen Scimeca-'52)

(Kiki Heitkamp Eglinton-'46)

(Celia Chorosh Segar-'59)

(Norma Krege Thomas-'59)

(Joan Strasser-'59)

(Michael Schiffer-'70, Carol Chapman-'71, Alan Wilson-'71, Gary Teplitsky-'70)

(Estelle Verner David-'67)