A Message from John Mollenhauer

Dear Cherry Lawn Alumni and Friends:

What a wonderful thing last week's Cherry Lawn reunion was! I was so excited to see so many people from so many different years show up! Virtually everyone I had spent weeks hoping to be able to see was there, and it was wonderful gathering and talking with you all again, after so long!

I'm still *buzzing* from it.

Just as rewarding was meeting a number of you from other years, for the first time. A number of new friendships were born from this reunion. I should have expected nothing less from such a magical place and group of people.

The opportunity to actually contribute to the ceremony by performing a song was truly a very special honor, and one that I will not forget. Singing that song for all of you was not nearly as emotionally easy as I thought it would be, despite many hours of rehearsal. Your response touched me deeply and made me feel very special. I thank you for that.

I wish you all well, and my apologies to those of you with whom I did not get a chance to talk.

I welcome e-mail from anyone, and invite you all to visit my website: www.m-pirerecords.com.

If any of you did not get a cassette copy of the song, "Thanks To You, Cherry Lawn", and did not order one from me, but would still like one.... I am still taking orders. I am selling them for $2.00 each. ($1.00 for the tape, and an additional dollar for postage.) This is less than it costs me to make these tapes. It is my contribution, and I am happy to make it. If you would like to order one, simply send me $2.00, and your name and address, to:

Cherry Lawn Tapes
c/o M-Pire Records
P.O. Box 159300
Nashville, TN 37215

Thanks again to all of you! May you all have a wonderful rest of the summer, and God willing, we'll meet again next July!

John M... aka John Mollenhauer

To listen to John's wonderful tribute to Cherry Lawn, you will need to have the RealPlayer software program, which easily can be downloaded for free from www.real.com.

To listen, click on Thanks To You, Cherry Lawn.


by John M.
c. Mollenhauer
SESAC -- 1999

Everybody stumbles 
Everybody falls 
The highest mountain crumbles 
It happens to us all... 
Gone but not forgotten 
Now everyone will see 
At Cherry Lawn Park 
We gave our hearts... to thee 

Thanks to you we have each other 
Thanks to you we are still one 
Things I learned when I was younger 
I remember Cherry Lawn! 
Thanks to you I'm here today 
To say I know where I belong 
Thanks to you... 

We know it isn't easy 
Oh, we know the road is long 
We've laughed and cried 
Friends have died 
And still we carry on! 
After all the changes 
Even after all these years 
The spirit still burns 
And we return... here 
(repeat chorus) 

We are families, we are neighbors 
We are daughters and sons 
And I hope a place like this exists 
When their time comes 
A place to learn of history and of Heaven and Hell 
Oh, but most of all, a place to learn, 
All about themselves! 
Now take a look around you 
We've only just begun 
Ah, but here we are 
And look at how far 
We've already come 
You can see it in the faces 
Oh, and in each other's eyes 
Together again, 
Friends, for all our lives! 

Thanks to you we have each other 
Thanks to you we are still one 
Thanks to you when we were younger 
We remember Cherry Lawn 
Thanks to you we're here today 
To say we know where we belong 
Thanks to you!!!!