- May 2007 -

Photo of the Month


Miriam Ibling - Art Teacher


















I was contacted a while back by Mia Newman, who is researching an artist named Miriam Ibling, (1895-1985) who was rather famous for her work in the 1930's painting murals in public buildings for the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) Ibling's work can still be seen in many places in the Midwest, most notably, the Minneapolis area. Ms. Ibling taught art at Cherry Lawn for two years in the mid-1940's after her stint with the W.P.A. The photos above show some of her works, as well as a few of Miriam Ibling herself. Mia would love to hear from anyone who knows anything more about Miriam Ibling.


[photo credits] From the collection of Mia Newman miaot @