- December 2006 -

Photo of the Month


First Summer Abroad - 1966



Hi, Mike.


Ellen Weiss just sent me this tiny black and white snapshot by snailmail. I've enhanced and retouched it as much as I can.


This is a photo of several of the students on the CLS first trip to Great Britain and Ireland in 1966, exactly forty years ago. Wow. Brings back tremendous memories. I believe this shot was taken at Stratford on Avon as we wandered around the park surrounding the Shakespeare theater prior to a performance.


From Left to right: Barbara Beers, Claudia Cavalieri, Carleigh Hoff, Phyllis Berman and Ellen Weiss. All are class of 1967. Ted Gronich can be seen in the background on the right.


Regards, Hank Gans



[Photo credits] Ellen Weiss & Hank Gans, CLS'67