- March 2006 -

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Atomic Birdie


Cherry Lawner Jonathan "Birdie" Ames appeared for all five seasons 

of the hit 1980's television series Moonlighting, starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd



Jon "Birdie" Ames, CLS 70, as he appeared in the 

"Atomic Shakespeare" episode of the TV series "Moonlighting"


Clockwise from Bottom: Bruce Willis, Dan Fitzpatrick, Willie Brown, David Learman, Jon Ames


The non-nuclear office staff from the cast of Moonlighting

Clockwise from lower left: 

Kristine Kaufman, Jamie Taylor, Jon Ames, Willie Brown, Dan Fitzpatrick, Inez Edwards


Here is a link to an interview with Jon about his days on Moonlighting...



[Photo credits] from the collection of Jonathan Ames, CLS '70